Temperament Test

$15 Per Dog

All new friends must pass a four (4) hour evaluation before they can become an official pack member.

Pets must be up to date on all required vaccines and fixed if over 9 months old.

Basic Dog Boarding

$30/Night Per Dog

Dogs play outside in play parks and sleep in climate controlled kennels.

Deluxe In-House Boarding

$50/Night per Dog

Dogs play outside in play parks and sleep in individual suites inside home.

Basic Boarding 10 Nights Or More


Discounted price for staying overnight 10 consecutive nights or more

(Limit 1 Dog Per Family)

Family Deluxe In-House Boarding 10 Nights Or More 

$47/Night Per Dog

Discounted price for 2 or more dogs from the same family



Basic Cat Boarding


Cats can play in our playroom with 2 large windows, cat towers and toys, and sleep in 4x4 condo set up with bedding, litter box and food & water stations at night.


Feline friends do not require temperament test

to board with us. 

Must have PeExec profile to book.


Must be up to date on the following required vaccines:




Space is limited,

be sure to book in advance.

Late Pickups

From the hours of 7 A.M to 10 A.M there is no extra charge. Pick ups after 10 A.M, there is a $12 half day of daycare charge.

What to Bring for Boarding:


Your dog's food (in its original food bag, an enclosed container, or in a zip-locked bag). We do not like to feed dogs our in-house food due to tummy issues/diarrhea from abrupt/sudden changes in diet. If your dog runs out of his/her food, we can feed our in-house food as a last resort, but the sudden change in diet can cause very loose stool. In-house food is charged at $2/meal.

Your cat’s food (in its original food bag, an enclosed container, or zip-locked bag) If desired or your cat runs out of food during their stay, we can provide our in house food, charged at $2/meal.

We Will Provide: 

  • Blankets

  • Beds

  • Bowls for food

  • Food Scoops (to measure food)

  • Water Bowls

  • Cat Litter

  • Fridge/Freezer to accommodate special foods/diets.

*We offer a 10% discount for families either:

  • Military/First Responders

Maximum of 10% discount/family

(this includes multiple-dog discounts).


173 Foxhound LN

Charleston, WV 25314


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