All new friends must pass a temperament test before boarding with us. Pets must be up to date on all required vaccines and fixed if over 9 months old. Click here for full requirements

Basic Boarding $35/Night Per Dog

Dogs play outside in play parks and sleep in climate controlled kennels.

Deluxe In-House Boarding $55/Night per Dog

Dogs play outside in play parks and sleep in individual suites inside home.

Basic Boarding 10 Nights Or More $33/Night

Discounted price for staying overnight 10 consecutive  nights or more

(Limit 1 Dog Per Family)

Discounted Boarding

Family Boarding $31/Night Per Dog

Discounted price for 2 or more dogs from the same family

Family Deluxe In-House Boarding $50/Night Per Dog

Discounted price for 2 or more dogs from the same family

*Please note for Overnight Boarding:

Pick up time later than drop off time charges are as follows:

  • 2-3 Hours ~ $10 for 1 dog (+$5/additional dog)

  • 4-6 Hours ~ $15 1 dog (+$10/additional dog)

  • From 7 Hours until closing~ $25 for 1 dog (+$15/additional dog)

For example, if you drop off your dog on Monday at 8 AM and pick-up on Wednesday at 2 PM, there will be a $15 pick up later fee added to your boarding total. Your pick up time must be confirmed with a staff member.

*These hours are applicable within our normal business hours.

What to bring for Boarding:

  • Your dog's food (in its original food bag, an enclosed container, or in a zip-locked bag). We do not like to feed dogs our in-house food due to tummy issues/diarrhea from abrupt/sudden changes in diet. If your dog runs out of his/her food, we can feed our in-house food as a last resort, but the sudden change in diet can cause very loose stool. In-house food is charged at $2/meal.

We will provide: ‚Äč

  • Blankets

  • Beds

  • Bowls for food

  • Food Scoops (to measure food)

  • Water Bowls

*We offer a 10% discount for families either:

  • Boarding 2 or more dogs

  • Military/First Responders

Maximum of 10% discount/family (this includes multiple-dog discounts).

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