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Owner Information

We look forward to housing your pets! We know that there are many places for pet lodging and daycare and we appreciate your business.  We want to ensure that all of our policies related to our services are clearly understood to provide the best client and staff experience possible.


  1. Space cannot be guaranteed if reservations are not made in advance.

  2. Check-in and Check-out times are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday-Sunday, with the exception of Holidays such as, but not limited to, New Year's Eve and Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. Click here for a full list of the Holiday dates and check-in times.

  3. All guests checked in for overnight boarding will be charged for a night of boarding, regardless of the check-in/out time. After the first night, boarding is charged by 24 hour periods. Please note, on day of pick up there is a late check out fee of $12 after 12:00 pm For example, if you drop off at 10:00 am, you will be charged a regular nightly boarding rate up until 12:00 pm on your pick up date. After 12:00 pm, you will be charged a daycare charge. ( After 12 pm- $12/per dog)

  4. All Release Forms on your online PetExec profile are required to be completed before making a reservation check-in.

  5. Vaccination records must be up to date and given at least 10 days before boarding or daycare.

  6. We require a Temperament Test for all new clients. We schedule temperament tests as a daycare full-day ($20) or half-day ($12) charge. 

  7. Reservations of 14 days or more may require a 50% deposit at the time of check-in.

  8. Clients that we have yet to establish a relationship with, (ie. first-time customers) may be required to pay for the entire stay at the time of check-in.


Terms and Conditions

Payment is due when all services are rendered. A $25 returned check fee is applicable for all returned checks. We reserve the right not to accept personal checks as payment for future stays. We accept Debit/Credit Cards. We do not accept cash.

Holiday Schedule 

​Add $10/dog/day for holiday boarding for the following dates:​

  • New Years Eve & New Years Day

  • Easter Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • Mother's Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • Father's Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • Independence Day (Friday June 30th- July 5th)

  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • Thanksgiving Week (Wednesday- Monday)

  • Christmas Break (Dec. 22- Jan. 2nd)


Overall Health

All dogs visiting Country Roads Pet Resort must be in apparent good health. Any pet with a communicable condition will not be allowed to board or play at Country Roads Pet Resort for the safety of other boarders and daycare clients. Pets that have been ill within the past 30 days will not be admitted into Country Roads Pet Resort. Any unaltered animals may be kept away from the group areas if deemed necessary. Country Roads Pet Resort allows animals on medications to board and charges a fee for this service.

Country Roads Pet Resort Will Not Accept the Following

  1. Dogs with any history of climbing, jumping, digging, or escaping. 

  2. Dogs with extreme anxiety/fear.

  3. Aggressive dogs towards other dogs

  4. Aggressive dogs towards staff members

  5. Female dogs that are in heat

  6. Guests that have a terminal illness and are in the late stages of the illness

  7. Guests that have had a communicable illness of any kind during the last 30 days prior to check-in

  8. Guests that require medical treatment beyond dispensing oral or topical medication (ie. shots, drains, bandage changes, sutures, etc.) unless treatment is prearranged

  9. Guests that have been in a shelter at any time during the 30 days prior to check-in



Our vaccination policy is designed to protect the health of all animals visiting this facility. Our vaccination policy has been created to meet Nevada state law and so we require:

  • Rabies vaccine. (1-year or 3-year vaccine)

  • Bordetella vaccine. (We highly recommend 6-month dose but can accept 1-year)

  • Distemper/Parvo vaccine. (1-year or 3-year).

  • Vaccinations must be done at least 10 days before scheduled boarding/daycare. 


We require proof of vaccinations before reservations are made in our online portal.

Clients must understand that cases of Kennel Cough (K9 Cough) can occur even in vaccinated animals. There are lots of strains of K9 Cough and Bordetella Vaccines only cover a few of the most common strains.

Vitamin C

We highly recommend that you give your dog Vitamin C for two weeks after any stay at a daycare/boarding facility or at a vet. Vitamin C is a holistic way to help boost their immunity when they are exposed to viruses just from being away from your house or backyard. Click here for Vitamin-C Dosages.

Behavior Requirements

Our boarding/daycare set-up requires that all dogs can be handled for feeding, outside-time, and cleaning of kennels. Unsuitable behavior can result in the termination of boarding privileges. Unsuitable behavior can include but is not limited to growling, snapping, biting, excessive stress exhibited in continual, uncontrollable barking, and/or physical destruction of property.

Please be aware of the inherent risks of dogs interacting in a social play setting. The risks include, but are not limited, to the spread of diseases, cuts, and abrasions, bite wounds, etc. Client must understand the risks that group play poses to dogs.


If your dog is deemed unsafe for the other dogs and unsafe for staff members, we will ask you to pick your dog up that day. If you are not physically able to pick up your dog within that day, you will be held fully responsible and assume all liability if you decide to keep your dog on our premises to finish out their scheduled stay.

Food, Toys, & Bedding

We do not recommend leaving anything at Country Roads Pet Resort, but your dog's food (and vitamins/medications if needed). Owner-brought items can get chewed up and damaged. 

Country Roads Pet Resort is not responsible to replace lost or damaged owner-brought items.Please bring extra food if your dog is staying for overnight boarding. Due to increased activity, sometimes we will need to feed high-energy dogs more than their usual amount of food to keep their weight up.  If your dog runs out of food, there is a $2/meal charge for in-house food.

We will provide the following for your dog:

  • blankets

  • beds

  • dog food bowls

  • measuring cups (for food)

  • automated water bowls

  • crates (if needed)


A note regarding toys brought by owners

We do not often give the dogs toys due to toy aggression among dogs. Toy aggression is not always known and we do not want to risk another dog being rude to your dog over a toy. Often dogs are wonderful with other dogs until it comes to guarding a toy. We do not want to risk the safety of the dogs. 

Please Note the Following

There is a high chance that your dog may be dirty at the end of their stay, as they are allowed to play with each other throughout the day and are often rolling around during play. Please also expect your dog to be very tired for a few days at the end of their stay.

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